At Org Change our services are aimed at increasing our client's capabilities. Rather than consultant heavy programs, Org Change services are low touch, high leverage interventions, delivered with a small number of consultants providing assistance to key personnel who retain accountability and responsibility for the change. This means that team's skills and capabilities are developed and their accountability is strengthened.

For clients undertaking major transformations, especially where market opportunities are time critical and specific resources are scarce, we can supplement teams with highly skilled consultants who support meeting short-term challenges.

Consulting Services

Strategic Foresight

A structured, futures-oriented approach to long-range strategic analysis

Diagnostic Insights

Good quality data is a building block of good quality decisions.

Transformational Change

Strategic, integrated, whole of organisation change

Agile Change Management

Project-based agile change management delivers value aligned with your project approach.

Skills Development

Developing capability of your people presents excellent strategic ROI potential.