All of our services are designed to achieve outcomes and develop capability. Rather than consultant-heavy 'arms and legs' programs, Org Change services are low-touch, high-leverage interventions, delivered by small consultative teams providing assistance to key personnel who retain responsibility for outcomes. This approach provides support while strengthening accountability, enabling teams to deal with complexity, recover when necessary, unpack and learn through the process.

Consulting services

Strategic Foresight & Scenarios

A structured, futures-oriented approach to long-range strategic analysis and choice making.

Strategic Planning

Supporting the full cycle from analysis to strategic planning processes, decision-making and Board approval.

Strategic Change

Implementation of strategy – from structure to systems, people to processes, culture and capability to customer.

Capability Development

Tailored to meet the needs of the organisation, aligned with strategy, our custom programs develop capability through application to real and present situations.

Culture Assessment

An inquiry into your organisation’s culture helps you get below the surface to understand what influences your people and the decisions they make.

Culture Change

Alignment of symbolic systems of meaning and interpretation with your strategic objectives and long-term goals.