Our Team

Who We Are

We are a team of management consultants who help organisations, just like yours, improve performance and create long-term sustainability, in a world that is continually changing. Headquarted in Brisbane we have affiliates in Perth and Sydney, our primary focus is assisting organisations achieve strategic success. We do this by helping our clients create insightful strategies that the whole organisation gets behind. 

Each of our consultants has extensive real-world experience underpinned by deep and continuing academic research. Combined these enable us to bring current, rigorous, evidence-based and actionable approaches to every client situation. Our capabilities mean we can design interventions that meet the unique needs of the client's situation, and which achieve the intended outcome. And, while our academic pedigree is strong, we are practical and real-world oriented, maintaining a focus on the client's needs and a bias for action.

We believe these characteristics create real value, enabling us to work quickly and effectively in helping you achieve your goal.


Our Principles

The cornerstone of our success with clients is the partnership we establish and maintain. The makeup of this partnership is the most distinguishing differentiator from other consultants. It starts with our commitment to our clients. We commit to:

  • Take responsibility for the advice we give, ensure that it leads to actions, and that these actions achieve the intended outcomes
  • Be sensitive to your people and respectful of your organisation's dynamics
  • Challenge and inspire you, be courageous and honest, work with and not for you, and ensure you and your people are always the central focus rather than our consultants.

Because successful partnerships are cooperative we want to ensure our expectations of our clients are clear too. We want you to:

  • Challenge us and the advice we put forward ensuring it is robust, rigorously grounded and theoretically valid, yet accessible, to the point, measurably beneficial, and always meaningful and workable for your teams
  • Surprise and inspire us with your openness to new ideas and willingness to act
  • Hold us to account

Our Approach

You'd expect, being a consulting firm, that we'd say we are results oriented, and we won't disappoint. We are results oriented! And, like you, our focus is not just on near-term results, but also on those beyond. As part of every engagement, we establish mechanisms that track and measure the unique value created throughout our partnership with you.

Our preferred method of working with clients is to leverage the current opportunity to change in order to build the organisation's capacity for success. The Org Change methodology brings together a focus on the goal, the reality of the current situation, time and resource constraints, and the skills and capability needs of current and anticipated initiatives. Not only do you achieve the required outcome, the organisation is better able to meet future challenges. Our methodology allows us to get out of your organisation quicker, thereby reducing costs and building confidence, not dependency.

Organisations are much more than an organisational chart, a business process model or a position description. They are, at their heart and soul, people, working together to achieve a common goal. These same people are both influenced by the structures and systems that are used in service of the goal, and well as influencers of them. At Org Change we take an integrated and systemic view of all of the systems at play including those that influence the organisation from the outside. By applying insights derived from this viewpoint we design interventions that can change even the most protracted issues, as well as helping to avoid the risk of people reverting to their old ways.

All of the work that we do is client data-driven. Every engagement commences with analysis and diagnosis that informs design, planning and interventions. Likewise, all actions are monitored and the data produced used in follow-on design, planning and interventions activities. And because we leave you and your team in the driver's seat, full transparency of our engagement is assured.

There is work that is required of all stakeholders for a change to be successful. For some it's simply a matter of altering perceptions. For others it's life-changing, impacting identity, work practices, relationships and culture, as well as aspirations they have for their future. We help identify the range of likely impacts and to manage their associated needs with sensitivity and business acumen. We work with those who have to make the change from the beginning as this creates more time, adds valuable texture to change designs, and helps build momentum and accountability.