Who we are

We are a team of management consultants who help organisations, just like yours, improve performance and create long-term sustainability.

Headquarted in Brisbane, we have affiliates around Australia.

Our approach

There are three aspects that we think are important to know about our approach to consulting:

  • We have a bias towards action
  • Our unique expertise in organisational culture plays a predominant role in our methodology
  • We partner with our clients by bringing expertise and transferring it to our clients, who, at all times, retain ownership of the strategy and its outcomes.

Our principles

The cornerstone to successful outcomes is the partnership we establish and maintain with clients. It starts with our commitment to you. We commit to:

  • Taking responsibility for the advice we give, ensuring it is actionable, and that fully implementing it achieves the intended outcomes
  • Being sensitive to your people and respectful of your organisation's dynamics
  • Challenging and inspiring you, being courageous and honest, working with and not for you, and ensuring you and your people are always the central focus.

Partnerships are cooperative so we want to make our expectations clear too. We want you to:

  • Challenge us and the advice we offer ensuring it is robust, rigorously grounded and theoretically valid, while also being accessible, to the point, measurably beneficial, and always meaningful and workable for your teams
  • Surprise and inspire us with your openness to new ideas and willingness to act
  • Hold us to account.

Our team