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We use social science to help people work better together

People work differently as individuals than they do when they are members of a team. In teams, choices are social choices. Social choices are shaped, mediated, and channelled by forces that are often so taken for granted they're not even noticed, let alone questioned. These forces present opportunities for innovation - changing what teams pay attention to, how they evaluate opportunities, where they choose to apply their energies, and how they work together. We help identify the forces, change the conversation, and alter the outcomes.

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To succeed with today’s business challenges decision-makers must get closer to culture by developing their understanding of it in ways that are more nuanced, actionable, and strategically meaningful. We understand culture as ‘meanings,’ emerging from and contributing to the various activities, projects and conversations that your people undertake together. These shape and are shaped by what people notice, think, say and do. Our methodology produces specific and enhanced insights enabling team members to better engage with their colleagues and day-to-day work effectively and systemically; in ways that unlock your organisation’s strategy and are uniquely supportive of its goals.


Geopolitical upheaval, economic uncertainty, and climate anxiety increase the complexity of forecasting what tomorrow will bring. While the essence of strategy, making the best choices possible in the face of ambiguity and acting on these remains, the reality for most is more difficult than ever. To survive, organisations must learn and create enhanced capability. The demands to adapt require everyone in the organisation to understand, integrate, and action strategic initiatives expeditiously. And while reaching for a competitive position requires careful analysis and commitment of resources, achieving it is a social, political, and cultural endeavour where your people are the centre of your strategy.


Drucker’s dictum ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ neatly highlights one of the common disconnects in business. When decision-makers see culture, strategy, and change as separate and detached, they set themselves up for failure. We take a systemic approach to strategy, fusing implementation and culture. This approach not only helps mitigate against project failure, resistance, and fatigue, it also builds commitment and unlocks the very potential for both short-term and sustainable benefits your strategy intends. The results? More responsive, adaptable people with the confidence, capacity and commitment to respond to the unknown.

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