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Org Change helps organisations, just like yours, achieve impact and create sustainable value – faster.

Global innovation, shifting stakeholder expectations and shrewd competitors demand persistent attention and astute decisions. In the process, organisations wrestle with the tension between short and long-term outcomes; between change and continuity. At Org Change, we don't just help our clients achieve the objectives of their investment in change, we help them build an enduring organisation.

To achieve that, we have redefined change, combining analytical thinking with social science. Our approach draws on groundbreaking theory to harness the dynamics of your organisation, rather than exhaust resources fighting against them. We help build capability that serves the current and future strategy. And, when it is time to change, we work with you to achieve the desired outcomes.

Our approach draws on hundreds of change projects, decades of experience, and ongoing rigorous research. It has helped clients in for profit, government, and not-for profit organisations, in diverse sectors globally. It is flexible, and builds on strengths already present. We are sure it can help your organisation too.

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Even though it is impossible to know what tomorrow will bring the essence of strategy is to make the best choices possible, and then act on them. Strategy will also demand change, integrated and aligned with the entire organisation. And while identifying and reaching for a competitive position requires careful technical analysis, achieving it is a social, political and cultural endeavour. That’s why we start with the potential of your people, and then your business.


Gone are the days of using measurement tools as a proxy for understanding and ‘driving’ culture change. Today’s understanding of culture is more nuanced, actionable and strategically meaningful. It sees culture as meanings, emerging from a weave of practices, that shape and are shaped by what you are doing. This enhanced insight helps align culture and practices in a way that is uniquely supportive of your organisation’s strategy and goals.


Managing an organisation’s strategic investment through a portfolio of programs and projects goes some way in helping an organisation achieve new capabilities. Incorporating change management further enhances outcomes. Yet, most projects miss substantial potential, and worse, undermine culture by approaching people change too narrowly. We help you unlock this potential for both short-term and sustainable benefits.

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The risks and unpredictability associated with COVID meant it wasn’t possible to successfully schedule face-to-face events in 2020. Like everyone, we are hoping that the roll-out of COVID vaccines will remove the health risks and enable us to again run events that deliver important, valuable and high-quality content to you in social surrounds. Stay tuned.


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